Gerizim Hope Presbyterian Church

The church that takes the Word of redemptive history as the guide and shines the light to the nations Phil 3:14, Ps 102:15, Isa 60:1
구속사의 말씀을 지표삼아 열방을 향하여 빛을 발하는 교회
빌 3:14, 시 102:15, 사 60:1

The History of Redemption encompasses the redemption of mankind and the recovery of the entire universe as a part of God's Divine Administration, which is focused on the salvation of fallen mankind through the atoning work of Jesus Christ. Thus, the History of Redemption is the history that God the Father devised after the fall, that Jesus the Son fulfilled, and that the Holy Spirit completed. God loves mankind so much that He did not just devise His plan and entrust it to be fulfilled by the natural course of history; rather, God actively intervenes in the specific events of human history to fulfill what He has planned from the beginning of time.

Reverend Abraham Park has meticulously analyzed, and sheds new light upon the scriptures so that every reader can feel the power of God's love and the divine administration of His plan for our salvation. Throughout each book, the reader can follow along scripture by scripture as basic concepts of the Christian faith are discussed in detail, and eye-opening revelations are presented with each turn of a page. The History of Redemption will bring you into a closer relationship with God as you see how His divine plan for redemption and salvation unfurled throughout history, transforming the lives of early biblical figures, and ultimately, yours and mine today!